OstStern is an innovative family-owned company

OstStern “Ost” corresponds to “East” and “Stern” to “Star”. This means Stars from the East. OstStern is a dynamic and dedicated family business (SME) based in Zurich, Switzerland, specializing in importing and exporting products since 2012. Our core business is to source and supply products as well as raw and auxiliary materials for wholesaler, retailers, and the food industry.

But something makes us a brand

It is the trust of our customers, the certifications, quality of all our products, our sustainable products, and our efficient work that makes us stand as a brand.

We not only focus on perfect product quality but also ensure that production takes good care of people and the environment.

With efficient management, qualified employees, and constant quality control monitoring, the company ensures the production of high-quality and competitive products for the global market. Microbiological and physicochemical analyses are regularly carried out in the equipped laboratory.